Change Of Use Permit


Change of use, occupancy calculation, parking analysis
and commercial and residential construction drawings

We can help you with drawing requirements for building permit

Fast Approval

We have a proven track record and can get your permit(s) issued FAST.

We have 30 years of experience and charge less than an architect or landscape architect would charge.

You receive the highest quality work for a low price, in a short amount of time.

Save Time and Money

We handle ALL the city and county approval processes

Our work includes obtaining building permits, Certificate of Occupancy CO, Planned Development PD, Conditional Use Permit CUP, Board of Adjustment BOA, Special Use Permit SUP, Residential Adjacency Review RAR and all other hearing approvals.

We also handle all the submittals and plan reviews required for your permits.

We can represent you at public hearings.

We process everything with the Building Department, Planning Department, Health Department, Parking Enforcement, Code Compliance, Board of Adjustments, P&Z, City Council, even Valet Permits.

What kind of Plans do I need for a Building Permits?

Our Clients

Business owners, developers, homeowners and contractors.

We streamline the permitting process for commercial or residential construction in , and the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

What is Change of Use Permit?

We prepare all the plans you need to get your permits for construction in .

⇒ All plans are prepared in Autocad.
⇒ Our plans are extremely accurate and complete.
⇒ We guarantee approval of our plans.

Plan types include:

  • New/from scratch building designs
  • Restaurants
  • Medical Clinics and Offices
  • Custom Homes
  • Room Additions
  • Valet Parking Permit Plans
  • Parking Site Plans for bars and restaurants
  • Plans for Lease Spaces
    ... such as restaurants, medical clinics and retail stores
  • Interior Remodels
    ... such as kitchens and bathrooms, garages, decks and patios
  • Interior Finish-Out Plans


    Site Plans


    Parking Analysis


    Occupancy Calculations


    Existing Floor Plans


    New Floor Plans


    Structural Engineering Design*


    Mechanical Plans*


    Electrical Plans*


    Plumbing Plans designed by an Engineer*

    * Required engineer reports/plans/permits provided by independent engineer consultants.


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